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Welcome to the order of light those who are under Madam Sulisia's order may join here!
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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:51 am

This is where all Forum rules and restrictions go.
Please read ALL of these rules before posting, in this forum.

Remember to follow all of these rules.

Do not double post.

The Admin or Moderator Has the final Say.

Do not flame, troll, or harass other members.

Do not ask for someone's DragonFable/Forum Account Username and/or Password.

Only three smilies per-post.

You may only have ONE Forum Account.

Do not post anything that might offend another User, like offensive things about someones Religion, Gender, or Race.

Do not curse or say any word/phrase that is inappropriate in the Chatbox.

Do not beg for a Forum Staff position.

Do not post in any other language than English.

A signature size should go no further than 100x500, and should at most be 65kb.

The Avatar size can go up to 150x200, and the file size for this can be up to 65kb.

EVERYONE must abide by these rules.
Even Administrators.
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